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007.05.09: one fanart and its accompanying tutorial

New site design is complete. I just need to finish this picture that will go with it. More stuff coming soon-ish!

Check out Haru-Sari, my webcomic! I know Cozypaper has been neglected in the past few months, but Haru-Sari has seen consistent updates thus far. New pages on Mon/Wed/Fri~

007.2.20: one main gallery art

006.8.14: Two Fanarts

006.3.27: Commission Art

006.2.04: English links

005.11.30: English links

005.11.08: English links

005.4.30: One main gallery art, one junk and some links

005.2.14: A little tutorial thingie

005.2.03: 1 main gallery art

005.1.13: English links

005.1.01: 1 main gallery art, links, Pick of the Moment links

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